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Join Us For our Next Bi-Annual Tooth-N-Pooch Event 

Pupdate: Our Next Tooth- N- Pooch Event Will be July 11, 2024! We are excited to see you!

Pediatric Dentistry of Winter Park held our 1st Annual Tooth-N-Pooch Day on September 18, 2019. This was a fun-filled day for our patients, including those at their first dental appointment and others that had previous nerves and anxiety about the dentist. Tooth-N-Pooch Day was a wonderful event to allow patients the comfort of a service dog at their side throughout their dental appointment.  Our patients absolutely loved having their furry friends there for support! We had a total of four hypoallergenic dogs in the office that took different shifts, so our patients did not feel overwhelmed. Each dog had a wonderful trainer by their side to help guide the service dog for the best all-around patient experience. 

Tooth-N-Pooch was an idea born when Dr. Miller and her assistants noticed some of their pediatric patients were more fearful of the dentist than others or had a sensitivity to the sounds and vibrations of the cleaning hand-pieces and bright overhead lights. Our staff brainstormed better ways to help our patients and “Tooth-N-Pooch Day” became the solution. September’s event was so successful that we will be offering Tooth-N-Pooch Day again on October 21st in 2020. This is a great opportunity to bring your child in, whether a first-time visit or routine cleaning appointment and have a little extra comfort and support with our trained service dogs. We will be offering cleanings, exams, and X-rays with the help of our fur-tastic friends. Slots are filling up quickly so be sure to book early. For more information or call: 407-755-3136 to schedule your child’ s appointment today.