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Crooked Teeth Winter Park, FL

Crooked teeth can be of concern in a developing smile because they often impact not only your child’s confidence in their appearance but the overall health and function of their occlusal system. Crooked teeth can lead to bite related problems, tooth damage and an increased risk of decay and gum disease. Dr. Miller will identify problems with tooth position in a growing child’s smile and work with you to address it with appropriate treatment. We want our patients to enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile that both looks great and feels great, supporting optimal dental health as they grow into adults.

treating crooked teeth winter park fl pediatric dentist

Treatment for Crooked Teeth: What are the options?

Straightening a crooked smile can often be accomplished with orthodontic treatment. Dr. Miller will recommend limited orthodontics when appropriate and can work with you to coordinate advanced care with a local orthodontist when necessary to address your child’s needs.

In the case of minor aesthetic concerns, Dr. Miller can use tooth bonding to provide a straighter or more symmetrical appearance to a patient’s smile. Tooth bonding can be used for children and teens to change the shape and color of a tooth in the case of cosmetic concerns or damage. If a tooth is misshapen or slightly crooked and there are no bite related concerns or malocclusion, tooth bonding may the perfect economical solution.

If overcrowding has been identified as a problem affecting your child’s dental health and may lead to teeth that are crooked, Dr. Miller may recommend a tooth extraction or limited orthodontics to address the concern early and allow normal tooth development to support a straight and healthy smile.