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Laser Frenectomies Winter Park, FL

Does your baby or young child have a tongue or lip tie?

Dr. Allie Miller provides a minimally invasive, quick treatment option for removing a tongue or lip tie using a dental laser. Laser dentistry provides a unique treatment option for addressing ankyloglossia, especially for very young patients. In one visit, Dr. Miller can release a tongue or lip tie and enable your child to continue their oral and overall development normally.

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Signs of a tongue tie or lip tie

Unless otherwise diagnosed by your child’s pediatrician, there are some common signs that a tongue tie or lip tie is impacting the health and development of your baby or child. These can include:

  • heart shaped or notched tongue
  • difficulty nursing or bottle-feeding, commonly leaking milk during feedings
  • failure to thrive or slow weight gain in infants
  • speech concerns in toddlers and developing children
  • difficulty sticking the tongue out

If you have concerns about your infant’s ability to feed comfortably or the development of your child it is important to address them with both your pediatrician and Dr. Miller. Early intervention and treatment for a tongue or lip tie allow for quick recovery and the continuation of healthy growth and development.

Laser Frenectomy in Winter Park

The use of a dental laser avoids the need for a more surgical approach and associated risks and recovery times. Our office has a state-of-the-art CO2 laser for use in performing frenectomies and other soft tissue related procedures. Dr. Miller will use a handheld laser device to strategically release the frenulum. The laser energy will stimulate the body’s natural healing response and sterilize the area. A laser frenectomy minimizes bleeding, swelling, and the need for sutures.

Depending on the age of the patient, Dr. Miller may provide some post-treatment exercises designed to strengthen the muscles affected by the tongue or lip tie and reduce the change of a reattachment. A follow-up visit is always recommended to monitor the healing process and check for any signs of a reattachment.

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Dr. Miller provides the kind of personal, compassionate pediatric dental care that helps your child establish good oral habits. Our Winter Park office accepts new patients and recommends bringing your child in as their primary teeth begin to erupt. Contact our office or request an appointment online- we look forward to seeing you.