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Custom Mouthguard Winter Park, FL

Mouthguards An Overview

custom sports mouthguard winter park fl
A custom mouthguard can provide the most effective barrier between your child’s smile and potential damage or tooth loss. Dr. Miller recommends that any child who participates in contact sports or activities that could result in a mouth injury should consider a mouthguard to be part of their uniform. Pediatric Dentistry of Winter Park offers custom sports mouthguards for children and teens. A custom appliance can provide key benefits for active patients when compared to over the counter options:

  • Customized fit for maximum comfort and protection
  • Wearer can drink fluids and speak while the mouthguard is in place
  • No need to bite down or clench the teeth to keep in place, saving precious energy for on-field performance and endurance

A custom mouthguard is available in fun colors so your young athlete can match team colors or pick their favorite color. If your child is wearing braces or an oral appliance, a custom mouthguard will fit over either comfortably and snugly, protecting your child’s smile- and your investment.

Mouthguards What to Expect

Fitting a custom mouthguard will require a brief visit to our Winter Park dental office for dental impressions. The impressions will be sent to a lab where the custom mouthguard will be fabricated to your child’s unique specifications. Once complete we will notify you to stop by and pick up the appliance. There is no “boiling” needed, it will be ready for wear immediately and should be used whenever your child is on the field.

Over time and as your child grows, a new mouthguard will need to be fitted to ensure both optimal comfort and protection. Bring the mouthguard in during your routine dental visits so we can inspect for damage and check the fit.

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