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Pediatric Dental Concerns Winter Park, FL

There is a wide range of dental concerns that can affect young patients from tooth decay to tooth development issues. Dr. Miller evaluates the overall health and structure of your child’s entire occlusal system during all routine preventive care visits and offers comprehensive care for dental health-related problems. A healthy smile will play a role in the overall development of your child’s oral health, physical well being, and even their self-confidence. Establishing good oral habits and addressing concerns early on can prevent more complex problems down the road.

pediatric dental concerns winter park fl

Identifying Dental Concerns in Children

Very young children may not be able to express that they are experiencing tooth pain or discomfort. Parents and caregivers may have to rely on other signals that something is not right or that they need to be seen in our office. Common signs can include:

  • Loss of appetite, not interested in eating
  • Swelling of the lower face or around the mouth, cheeks
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Changes in color of the gums

If your child has experienced a fall or accident that impacted the mouth and they seem uncomfortable but without signs of damage, they may need to be evaluated in our office. If there is undetected damage, even to a primary tooth, it can impact your child’s oral development.

Treating Pediatric Dental Problems

Dr. Miller is an experienced pediatric dentist and also a parent. She understands the stress that a dental problem can cause and treats every patient in the caring compassionate manner she is known for. The first step is to help your child feel comfortable and relaxed so that a thorough exam can be performed without causing them stress. Dr. Miller will look for the signs of decay, disease or damage and may use digital x-rays for a more in-depth analysis. Common dental concerns can include:

  • Tooth decay, cavities
  • Tooth damage
  • Gum disease
  • Abscess
  • Tooth grinding
  • Impaction of tooth

Depending on your child’s dental health needs, treatment can range from a dental filling to a tooth extraction. Dr. Miller and our team will discuss all aspects of our findings and recommended treatment options. The goal of any treatment is to stabilize or restore oral health and ensure healthy, normal development.