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Winter Park FL Pediatric Dentist Office Special Needs Patients

As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Miller has experience treating children and adolescents with special needs. This includes patients with physical, development, cognitive and mental impairment and those affected by orofacial disorders. Our team strives to support parents and caregivers of special needs children in their effort to maintain dental health and support the overall development and health of their child.

When treating a patient with special needs, Dr. Miller will first consult with the parent or caregiver to discuss the unique challenges that affect the patient and how best to make them feel comfortable in the dental office setting. We will tailor the treatment approach to the needs of each individual child with the goal of helping them maintain the health of their smile with as little stress as possible.

Dr. Miller offers dental sedation options which can often be a solution for a child who may need multiple treatments or experiences severe anxiety. Care will be taken to ensure the safety of your child when using dental sedation and Dr. Miller will go over the health history and medical concerns prior to your visit.