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Do Kids Need Professional Teeth Cleanings?

You likely know that you should visit your dentist on a regular basis for professional teeth cleanings. But did you know that routine dental care is necessary for kids too? As soon as your child grows their first baby tooth, you should begin taking them to the dentist’s office.

You might wonder why young kids need this dental attention when their primary teeth will fall out eventually anyway. But adult smiles can be hugely affected by childhood oral habits and behaviors.

Your child’s dentist can give you more specific information about their dental needs when you schedule a dental appointment. You can also learn details about pediatric dental cleanings and their importance in your child’s oral health care when you read on.

Do Kids Need Professional Teeth Cleanings

What Happens During a Dental Cleaning?

Teeth cleaning is part of a routine dental check-up, a crucial step in preventative oral health care for patients of any age. The appointment will begin with an oral exam of the patient’s smile. A pediatric dentist will check the child’s smile for signs of cavities, gum disease, or other dental concerns.

The dentist will also recommend a dental x-ray for kids every year or two. This way, they can see potential issues in the interior of the child’s teeth and monitor the growth of their adult teeth.

After these initial steps, the cleaning will begin. This involves scraping away plaque and tartar build-up that can collect on the teeth in spots where a toothbrush does not easily reach.

The dentist finishes the cleaning by flossing and polishing the teeth. They may also recommend fluoride treatment or sealants for additional preventative care.

Why Is Early Preventative Dental Care Important for Young Patients?

You might wonder if your child really needs this consistent attention from a dentist. They complete oral hygiene at home, and they will lose their baby tooth soon anyway. But a lack of upkeep in a child’s smile can affect the permanent adult teeth significantly.

Brushing and flossing teeth alone will not remove all of the residues that can accrue on a child’s smile over time. If left on the teeth, plaque will encourage natural oral bacteria to grow and spread. Then bacteria can eat away at the dental structure to cause cavities and other dental damage.

A dentist can treat a cavity, but damage to baby teeth can make adult teeth weaker, crooked, or otherwise problematic. In order to keep teeth strong and avoid dental concerns, professional dental cleaning is necessary.

This routine dental care will therefore ensure your child has a healthy and stable foundation for their smile as they get older. Plus, you can save your child major discomfort by attending dental cleanings without needing additional intervention to treat tooth decay.

Usually, a child will need two teeth cleanings per year, though some patients may require more frequent dental visits. Talk to a pediatric dentist to learn about the preventative dental care your child needs for their specific smile.