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How to Promote Good Gum Health

Your child should start good oral health practices as soon as they grow their first teeth. But these maintenance efforts will help to promote good gum health as well. Gum disease and other periodontal issues tend to affect adult dental patients more than children. But it is never too early to ensure your child knows the importance of healthy gums.

Your pediatric dentist can help you and your child find optimal preventative care for their gums as well as the rest of their smile. But you can also read on to find three tips that will allow your child to keep their gums looking and feeling their best.

How to Promote Good Gum Health

Practice Good At-Home Oral Hygiene

As soon as we start growing teeth in infancy, natural oral bacteria will generate a film of plaque over them throughout the day. We must remove plaque and other harmful residues in a timely fashion through oral hygiene. Brushing teeth twice a day and flossing daily gets rid of particles that would otherwise deteriorate dental structure.

Plaque also encourages bacterial spread, so you may face a greater risk of oral infections like gum disease. To prevent contracting gum disease, your child will need to adhere to a consistent oral hygiene schedule. They should brush their teeth both morning and night and floss at least once a day.

Regular oral hygiene at home like this prevents bacterial build-up. If plaque collects, especially near the gumline, young dental patients will see irritation in their gums.

Visit the Dentist Regularly

Proper oral hygiene is not complete without attending professional teeth cleanings at the dentist’s office. Kids should visit their dentist approximately every six months for routine dental check-ups. Dentists will clean stubborn build-up from their smiles in spots where a toothbrush cannot easily reach.

The dentist will also perform an oral exam on the child’s smile. They can check the teeth and the gums for early signs of potential oral health issues. Then they can offer swift treatment of any concerns before they progress to dental emergencies. So do not skip these dental appointments with your child.

Eat Smile Friendly Foods

Growing kids will want a balanced and nutritious diet to ensure they stay healthy. But these nutrient-rich foods can improve your oral health, including your gums, as well. Consuming plenty of vitamins and minerals will ensure the body stays strong enough to resist infections like gum disease.

Crunchy foods, like apples and carrots, will also boost oral hygiene while eating them. The fibrous texture scrapes away plaque as you chew them so that you can further protect the gum health.

Sugary and starchy foods, on the other hand, encourage the spread of bacteria through the mouth which could endanger the gums. Learn more about preventative oral health care when you give your pediatric dentist a call today.