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Go Back to School with a Healthy Smile

The academic year is on the horizon for many schools and universities. This may signify a shift in your household’s schedule as you and your children settle into a new routine. You can start this semester on the right foot when you and your family are up to date on oral health care.

Dental patients of all ages should attend at least two routine dental check-ups each year to maintain good oral health. And the beginning of the school year can make an ideal time to schedule this dentist appointment. Read on to find advice from your pediatric dentist to ensure your child’s smile can start the school year on a healthy note.

Head Back to School with a Healthy Smile

Seek Professional Teeth Cleaning Before the First Day of School

The first day of the school year often marks the beginning of a new, busy schedule for your household. So it can be a good idea to schedule a routine dental cleaning prior to this day. Then, you and your children can have plenty of time for this dentist appointment and have fresh smiles as they start to focus on their studies.

During a teeth cleaning, a dentist will scrape away plaque and tartar build-up from the teeth, especially where a toothbrush cannot easily reach, like near the gumline. Removing these harmful residues will reduce the risk of serious structural dental damage as well as cosmetic issues.

The dentist will also take the time during this appointment to perform an oral exam. They will check for signs of cavities, gum disease, and other dental concerns. Then, they can treat the problems swiftly. You will not have lingering dental issues on your mind as you enter the school year.

This routine oral health care also lowers the chances of a dental emergency in the coming months. So you and your family can worry less about disruptive dental problems or distracting oral discomfort.

Establish Healthy Oral Habits ASAP

During the summer break, it can be easy to relax and fall behind on your usual regimens. If you have not been practicing oral hygiene as often as you should at home, you should resume a more diligent routine now. When your schedule grows busier during the school year, it is important to have a solid foundation when it comes to oral hygiene and dental health.

A dental check-up can kick off the ideal time to restart good oral health care at home. Kids and adults alike should brush their teeth at least twice per day and floss every day. These regimens remove food particles and other build-ups that could otherwise deteriorate your dental structure and health.

You can feel more confident in sticking to this good oral hygiene routine when you have a clean slate after a teeth cleaning dental appointment. Your dentist can also offer oral hygiene advice for young dental patients during these visits. Learn more by scheduling an appointment today.