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Can Foods Break a Tooth?

The teeth play an important role in biting and grinding food while eating. Though they often complete this task without issue, accidents can occur as you or your child eats which may mean a tooth breaks.

This type of dental injury can be very serious, even if it occurs in a baby tooth rather than an adult permanent tooth. The crack or chip makes the tooth vulnerable to bacteria and other dangers, which can worsen oral health significantly.

Do not ignore this tooth breakage, even if the patient does not feel pain in that tooth. Call a dentist right away for urgent repair work.

Which Foods Might Cause a Tooth to Crack?

Certain food items carry a higher risk of breaking a tooth. You can better protect the dental structure of your child when you know which foods present this type of threat. Read on to learn about four examples of foods that could crack, chip, or fracture a tooth if you do not pay attention to your eating habits.

Can Foods Break a Tooth


Popcorn is a fun snack to enjoy when watching a movie, either at home or at a theater. Its fluffy appearance occurs when corn kernels expand and pop when heated. But the light texture can hide a hard unpopped kernel at the bottom of the bowl.

If you or your child bites down on one of these kernels accidentally, it could break a tooth, especially when you do not anticipate the hard texture. Pay attention to each bite of your popcorn to reduce your chances of this dental injury.


Bagels can make for a delicious sandwich that suits any time of day. But many people do not realize that bagels and other hard bread have a dense interior. This means that if you are not careful, you could hurt a tooth biting into this type of bread.

You can still enjoy bagels, which taste great both toasted and on their own. You should just bite with care into this type of food so that you do not break a tooth.

Hard Candy

You might already know that sugary candy can pose a threat to your child’s dental health. But hard candy in particular can also risk tooth breakage. This candy is made from boiled sugar that hardens as it cools into the familiar, beloved treat.

It is designed to suck in the mouth until it dissolves. But many people, especially children, feel tempted to bite down on the candy before this point.

Exposing the teeth to this pressure could seriously injure a tooth. If your child cannot resist the temptation to bite hard candy, it may be a good idea to avoid this treat.

Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob makes for a wonderful side dish to your summer barbeque that is also fun to eat. But human teeth are not built to bite and grate against a hard corn cob. Eating corn directly from its cob comes with a high risk of tooth breakage.

When you can, it is safer to eat corn off of its cob. But if you do consume corn on the cob, exert caution as you do it, and remind your child to do the same. If your child does hurt their teeth, do not hesitate to contact the pediatric dentist.