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Know the Risks of Teeth Grinding

Stress, bite misalignment, and many other factors could cause an individual to grind or clench their teeth. While some may write off this behavior as merely annoying, it could also cause significant damage to your smile if the issue continues.

Your dentist can help you come up with a personalized treatment plan to stop harmful teeth grinding and clenching, which dentists refer to as bruxism. Patients of all ages could suffer from this issue, and dental professionals can assist children with this concern too. Dr. Allie Miller, a pediatric dentist practicing in Winter Park, FL, lists three oral health concerns that may develop if a patient does not treat their chronic teeth grinding or clenching.

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Why Treat Bruxism?

Prevent Tooth Breakage

When an individual clenches or grinds their teeth, the grating of the top arch against the bottom one creates an abnormal amount of pressure. Though teeth are durable and withstand a great deal of wear and tear on a regular basis, this pressure may cause teeth to break.

Teeth can chip, crack, or fracture if teeth grinding continues. Minor damage can be amended with cosmetic dental solutions, but more severe breakage could need expensive and extensive restorative dental work.

To treat bruxism, your dentist will evaluate your smile to determine the cause of the behavior. Whether they will work with you on stress relief or straightening your smile, a dental professional will treat the root cause of the problem to stop this habit.

Alleviate Jaw Pain

The high pressure your teeth experience when they grind against each other extends to your jaw as well. This can leave your jaw feeling sore, and over time the condition can worsen into temporomandibular joint disorders, also known as TMJ.

Over time, this issue can cause other symptoms, including clicking in the jaw and a decline in the jaw’s mobility and function. Your dentist may suggest wearing a custom-made mouthguard during sleep to protect the teeth and jaw from bruxism that may occur while you are unconscious.

Avoid Teeth Shifting Out of Place

Sometimes patients may grind their teeth because they have crooked teeth or a malocclusion in their bite. Even if teeth are aligned, continued teeth grinding and clenching could cause teeth to shift out of place.

This risk is especially high in pediatric dental patients whose teeth are still growing and not yet fused permanently in their jaw. These young patients might need orthodontics or other treatment if their teeth become misaligned. Treating teeth grinding early can lower the chances of this occurring.

Treat Chronic Teeth Grinding and More in Winter Park, FL

Pediatric Dentistry of Winter Park offers treatment for teeth grinding and other dental concerns in young patients in Winter Park, FL. Dr. Miller offers preventative dental cleanings, emergency dental work, and many other dental services. To schedule a consultation with our practice, contact our staff online or reach us by phone at 407.434.0267.