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Is Your Child Missing Their Checkup?

With COVID-19, dental offices such as hours have had to limit hours and services, serving only emergencies. This means that regular dental checkups and cleanings have been postponed or canceled. Is your child one of those that had to have their appointment changed? Dr. Allie Miller of Pediatric Dentistry of Winter Park, a dentist in Winter Park, FL, offers some suggestions.winter park, florida dentist

Make Sure the Appointment is Rescheduled

Especially for children, getting those regular cleanings and checkups is important. Their mouths are growing and changing all the time and we need to make sure that everything is on track. We may have already reached out to you to get the appointment moved. If not, call us or use our online scheduling tool to make sure something is set for the future.

Keep Up With a Home Oral Healthcare Routine

Our everyday lives have been upended due to this crisis. You may be adjusting to working from home and making sure your child is occupied during isolation. Little things like brushing and flossing as much as you both should be may fall by the wayside. However, it’s important your child is keeping up with healthy oral practices.

Make sure that their teeth are getting brushed and flossed at least twice a day. If it helps, set an alarm or reminder on your phone for mornings and evenings. Have a brushing session together and find a way to turn it into a game or make it fun! If you’re brushing alongside your child, it’s keeping your mouth healthy as well as letting you keep an eye on their oral hygiene techniques.

Try to Keep an Eye on Diet

We know that you may not be able to keep up with your normal balanced diet during these times. Grocery stores have limited hours, you don’t want to take your child out into the store, and stores are struggling to keep stock on the shelves with people stocking up on supplies. But there are some simple things you can do to help the oral health of both you and your child.

First, try to limit the sugar intake. Especially with children, sugar is a problem. It’s one of the leading causes of cavities. Sugar is the primary food source for harmful oral bacteria. They then give off an acidic byproduct after they eat. This is what causes problems with tooth decay and dental cavities, leading to the need for fillings or root canals.

Also, make sure your child is drinking a lot of water. If you drink your tap water, it’s most likely fortified with fluoride. This is to make the protective enamel on teeth stronger. Even if you aren’t drinking tap water, it’s still the best beverage for oral health. There are no sneaky sugars in it and it helps to wash away sugar and food particles away from the teeth.

Your Dentist in Winter Park, Florida

We look forward to being able to be back in the office full-time for you and your child. Call us or schedule an appointment online for the future. We hope to see beautiful little smiles in our office soon!