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What is Limited Orthodontics?

Limited orthodontics is a way to keep your child’s oral development on track. It can help benefit your child in the long run and may be essential for their oral health in the long term. Dr. Allie Miller, a dentist in Winter Park, FL at Pediatric Dentistry of Winter Park, discusses limited orthodontics and why they may be necessary for your in winter park, florida

What is Limited Orthodontics?

Limited orthodontics is a category that encompasses a variety of treatments. Since Dr. Miller offers comprehensive pediatric care, this includes the formation of their jaw and the function and appearance of their bite. Limited orthodontics may also be called interceptive orthodontics. It can be utilized on its own or as part of a long-term plan for your child or teen.

What Treatment Options are Included in Limited Orthodontics?

Interceptive orthodontics may utilize many treatment options without full braces. The treatment is designed to treat primary teeth, as well as your child’s jaw and bite. These options include:

  • Palatal expanders
  • Various oral appliances
  • Spacers
  • Partial braces

This can also be considered the first phase of 2-phase orthodontics. After our limited orthodontics treatment is completed, we may refer your child to a local orthodontist. They will determine if the second phase of treatment may be needed. This may include full braces or other orthodontic appliances.

What Can Limited Orthodontics Treat?

Dr. Miller uses limited orthodontics to treat early problems with oral development. This can be both structural concerns and tooth placement, anything that may impact the function and look of your child’s smile. The bite and jaw joints will be analyzed to determine if they’re developing in the way they should. Limited orthodontics is designed to treat issues like the following:

  • Crowded or spaced out teeth
  • Thumbsucking and other oral habits that can be harmful
  • Delayed loss of baby teeth
  • Concerns with the jaw structure
  • Issues with speech
  • Teeth that are protruding

All of these are issues that should be corrected early on to prevent further issues in the future.

The Process of Limited Orthodontics

As a trained pediatric dentist, Dr. Miller will look for any concerns every time that they’re here for a routine dental exam. We normally pursue limited orthodontic treatment around the ages of 7-10. If Dr. Miller determines that treatment is needed, dental impressions will be taken so that the device used will be fitted accordingly. The length of treatment depends on what device is needed and the result that we’re looking for.

Periodic checkups will be scheduled to make sure the device is working and treatment is progressing properly. We’ll give you instructions for oral care with the device to ensure that oral hygiene stays a top priority and doesn’t hinder the treatment progress.

Limited Orthodontics at Your Winter Park, Florida Dentist

Limited orthodontics can be crucial to the health of your child’s smile. Call us today to schedule a consultation.