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Are My Child’s Baby Teeth Important?

Can Baby Teeth Get Tooth Decay or Cavities?

Yes, most definitely! Tooth decay is very common in young children. When food and debris are not adequately removed from the teeth, it can lead to plaque build-up. This can increase your child’s risk of tooth decay and gingivitis. It is important to care for the baby teeth as you would the permanent teeth.

What Else Do I Need To Know About My Child’s Baby Teeth?

  • Pacifier Usage
    • Make sure to talk with Dr. Miller about excessive use of a pacifier as it can increase the risk of crooked teeth and overbite.
  • Thumbsucking
    • Many children are still thumbsucking when their baby teeth are coming in. Thumbsucking is cause for concern the same as
  • Losing Teeth
    • Yes, your child’s baby tooth is supposed to fall out. However, if they fall out too soon, they could affect your child’s teeth throughout their entire teenage years, causing them to need orthodontics. You want your child to maintain their baby teeth as long as possible as it will help ensure that your child’s adult teeth grow in straight, as well as support bone structure.

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