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Pediatric Dental Crowns

Dr. Miller can place a dental crown for children in our Winter Park pediatric dental office to address common concerns related to tooth decay or damage. A dental crown can even be placed on a baby tooth that has become severely decayed or damaged to keep your growing child’s smile stable while the permanent teeth develop and descend.

A dental crown can be placed in a single visit in most cases with minimal discomfort. There are two types of dental crowns typically used in a pediatric dental patient:

  • Stainless steel crowns: the most economical and easiest to place, a stainless steel crown can keep a primary tooth intact so that your child’s oral development is not detrimentally affected by tooth damage, decay or loss.
  • Ceramic or white crown: when desired for the aesthetics of your child or teen’s smile, a ceramic crown that matches their natural tooth color can be placed.

If a dental crown is recommended to address your child or teen’s oral health needs, Dr. Miller will go over the treatment options for your consideration. If a primary tooth is being capped with the crown, a stainless steel crown will provide the most cost-effective and easiest option. Stainless steel crowns require less time in the dental chair and minimal cooperation from a young or anxious patient. They are completed in one visit.

A ceramic crown may require two visits to complete and takes longer to place, although most patients can tolerate the procedure with just a local anesthetic.

Dr. Miller will need to remove some of the tooth structure for placing both types of crowns so that the restoration can fit snugly and comfortably over the tooth. If a ceramic crown is being placed there is the added step of taking dental impressions for a customized fit, especially important if being placed on the permanent tooth of an adolescent.